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About Project25

The goal of Project 25  is to create both street and athletic wear with a brand name people are proud to wear. Our goal as a family-run company is to reach out and inspire the youth. If you break down “Project 25” into “Pro”, “Ject” and “25”, the words themselves have multiple meanings. “Pro” is to be proactive. We strive to keep moving forward and making each and every day better than the last.  “Ject” is short for “reject.” We all have been rejected in one way or another. However, that has not stopped us from pursuing the hustle. Put “Pro” and “Ject” together, project, you have a single word showing that each person has a never-ending path to success, always being worked on. The number 25 ties into our sports aspect of Project 25. We want you to be inspired and feel well rounded. Our apparel is a "jersey" for the average joe. We want you to be able to wear the number 25 on your back and know you have the mindset to overcome any and every obstacle in your way. 

Meet the Team


In California, born and raised... Christian Velasquez has always wanted to impact the life of others in a positive way, It was just a matter of how. Being passionate about athletics and fashion, Project 25 was born! Envisioning a way to make quality street and athletic wear that has a purpose by giving back to the communities. A huge part of that is you, our customers believing and supporting our mission making it possible to give back by purchasing our products. 

Chief Operating Officer

Ford Morell raised in Burlingame California as a former athlete I wanted to help create clothes that feel great to move in as well as stylish. It is my goal to be able to create apparel that is capable of fitting everyone no matter their body type to find something that someone can feel confident wearing.

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